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Magazine Submission Guidelines

An important part of a writer’s application is sending in an article pitch. This is a writer’s description of a potential story (and why it should matter) to our Editorial Board. The pitch serves as an ideal way to gauge the writer’s ideas and skills, and furthermore allows the writer to tackle potentially fundamental flaws in content or structure early on.

In one to max. two pages, writers provide general information about the article they intend to write, including their unique angle, popular hook, structure and main sources. For this purpose, the Article Pitch Template has to be used.

The Article Pitch Template can be downloaded here:



We publish thought-provoking articles on current or otherwise unknown topics in international affairs, as well as specific career advice for aspiring professionals. Our articles are thorough, to the point and avoid insider jargon or excessively technical writing.

We provide three main types of articles:

  • Opinion pieces (prox. 800 words), called impressions

  • Popular scientific analyses (prox. 1,600 words), called insights

  • Personal experiences and career advice (prox. 800-1,600 words), called sources

Furthermore, writers are free to suggest other articles in categories such as lists, reviews, or interviews.

Application Requirements


Once a pitch has been sent in, one of the chief editors will review it and then return specific feedback. When the pitch is accepted, the chief editor will inform the candidate of the further publication timeline. At this point, the candidate will also receive the necessary information and support regarding formal and academic requirements, as well as advice on the use of images and shortcodes.

Both guest contributors and regular contributors will have to run through our process of peer review, as we consider this essential to publishing high-quality articles.

Newly accepted contributors will furthermore be introduced to the IP Crew and will be able to enjoy the benefits of brainstorming and working with the rest of our team.

Evaluation Criteria

From pitch to publication, your article will be subject to evaluation. Your assigned chief editor will thus advice and support you on specific points of improvement. If no effort is made to address these concerns, the chief editor may ultimately decide to withhold the publication of your article. There are three main criteria:

  • Insight in and knowledge of International Affairs.
  • Mastery of the English language and writing skill.
  • Affinity with the academic method.

International Perspective is a learning experience for all of us, so we value creativity and enthousiasm above any theoretical knowledge.