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Magazine Publishing Agreement

Provided below is an example of the content of our Publishing Agreement. Writers are obliged to sign such an agreement for every article they wish to publish.



The terms used below have the following meaning:

  1. Acceptance: the acknowledgement to the Author by the Publisher that they are willing to publish the Author’s work;
  2. Article: the published version of the work of the Author;
  3. Publication: the forms of media (whether now known or later developed) for which the Article is intended.


  1. Upon Acceptance, the Author grants a full and exclusive license to the Publisher to exercise certain rights in relation to the Article belonging to copyright law and for non-commercial and commercial purposes.
  2. The exclusive license referred to in the preceding paragraph includes the following rights for the Publisher:
  3. To (allow third parties to) multiply and publish the Article in whole or in part as part of a Publication;
  4. To (allow third parties to) translate the Article and to multiply and publish the translation of the Article;
  5. To (allow third parties to) edit the Article and to multiply and publish the edited Article to the extent necessary for the publishing of the work of the Author.
  6. The Publisher ensures attribution and source acknowledgement.
  7. The publishing of the Article shall take place without financial compensation for the Author.


  1. The Author retains the right to use the Article for personal use in the following circumstances:
  2. To include the Article in whole or in part in a dissertation or in any other form of academic sharing;
  3. To present the Article at meetings and distribute copies of the Article to the participants of the meeting, provided there is no direct or indirect economic or commercial advantage.
  4. For every form of (re)use of the Article as mentioned above, the Author ensures to always provide source acknowledgement (at a minimum the name of the Author(s), a reference to the Publication and name of the Publisher), unless this proves to be impossible


  1. The Author guarantees the Publisher that they hold full copyright on the Article and that their Article does not violate any rights of third parties. The Author shall indemnify the Publisher against all claims of third parties due to the Publication of the Article. This indemnification also applies to any images, drawings or other illustrations present in the Article, unless the copyright on illustrations is expressly reserved by the Author upon provision of the Article.
  2. The Author guarantees the Publisher that the Article is original, has been written by the stated Authors, has not been published elsewhere and that it will not be submitted elsewhere.
  3. The Author guarantees the Publisher that if there are multiple Authors, the Author has each Author’s consent to enter into this agreement on behalf of them.


  1. The Publisher is authorised to transfer its exploitation rights of the Article to a third party, provided that the third party complies with the obligations by the Publisher towards the Author.
  2. Termination of this agreement shall not affect previously granted legal rights to third parties.


  1. Reversion of the Publishing Agreement, and with it the exclusive license, is solely possible in the following circumstances:
  2. Upon written mutual consent between the Publisher and the Author, after which all rights will be reverted to the Author;
  3. Upon rejection of the Article by the Publisher even after Publication, after which all rights will be reverted to the Author.


  1. The Agreement shall enter into force on the date of Acceptance.