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Guest Contribution

Position Description

Aspiring Professionals are free to submit a guest contribution for International Perspective‘s online magazine. Hence, guest contributors are independent writers that provide us with additional content. For more information on the content of these articles, check our submission guidelines.

We provide you with the chance to prove your relevance and capabilities to a broad audience, including potential employers. The position of Guest Contributor is ideal for anyone that wishes to contribute, but faces a busy time schedule. Guest contributors can still decide to apply for a position as contributor at any time.


Guest Contributors will be bound by a Publishing Agreement for every article they submit.

Submission Procedure

To submit a guest contribution, send an e-mail with the heading ‘Guest Contribution’ to . Application e-mails must be in English. This mail should contain:

  • Your full name and contact details.
  • A short explanation of who you are and why you want to publish with us.

  • A first pitch of your article idea (max. one to two pages), specifications can be found in our Submission Guidelines.

Guest Submissions will be pre-selected by a Chief Editor, who then distibutes the article for peer review. You will then be notified whether your submission was accepted, along with possible feedback on how to improve the article. Once your submission is published, you can opt-in to stay in touch with International Perspective, for example to allow Chief Editors to occassionally request whether you would like to publish a new article.

Not sure if the topic of your submission would be interesting to International Perspective? Feel free to send us a message with the topic ‘Application’ through our contact form. We would be happy to advice you about the relevance of your chosen topic and to brainstorm about possible alternatives if necessary.

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