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About Jorn Vennekens

Jorn is a Belgian graduate of History and International Relations & Diplomacy. He focuses on the Middle East, international security and foreign policy analysis.

POLITICO’s EU Studies Fair 2016 My Experience as a Graduate in International Affairs

On Friday 5th and Saturday 6th of February, POLITICO organized its yearly EU Studies Fair in the heart of Brussels. After giving it some tho [...]

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How to Intern at a Belgian Embassy And My Experience in Tel Aviv, Israel

Our chief editor interned at the Belgian Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel. We made sure to summarize why you should consider doing the same and specify how to apply.

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When Terror Strikes Analyses and Source Material on the Paris Attack

On the evening of Friday the 13th of November, a massacre took place in the heart of Paris. In an act of terror, several gunmen and suicide bombers struck restaurants, concert hall Bataclan and the outsides of a football stadium. [...]

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