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Jan-Hendrik is a Dutch student of International Relations & Diplomacy, and a graduate in European, Russian and Eurasian Studies. He focuses on Europe, Russia and Eurasia.

Meet António Guterres The New Male, Non-Eastern European Secretary-General of the UN

On December 31st 2016, Ban Ki-moon will step down as Secretary-General (SG) of the United Nations. His successor will be the Portuguese dipl [...]

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The Curse of Azerbaijan’s Black Gold The Correlation between Oil Wealth, the West and Authoritarianism

Much research has been done on the alleged resource curse. This resource curse, or the paradox of plenty, refers to the general idea that co [...]

To Leave or Not to Leave The Brexit Referendum and the Eurosceptic Myths

In a referendum on the independence of Scotland on September 18th, 2014 a narrow majority of 55% voted against Scottish secession from the U [...]

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The African Union’s Peacekeeping Makeover The Prospect of Peace on the African Continent

The African Union (AU) was established in Durban, South Africa in 2002 as an international organisation with the aim to build a brighter fut [...]

The Illusion of the Neutral Buffer State Why the Dutch People Should Say ‘Yes’ in the Referendum on Ukraine

“Are you in favour or against the Approval Act of the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine?” [...]

Exploring the Baltics What to Expect From Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

The Baltic States. These small countries in the North-eastern part of Europe might not be the most common holiday destination. Perhaps Eston [...]

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