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International Perspective is an online magazine. This may sound self-evident, but it does mark a significant divergence from our previous goals as an organisation. Whereas we had first sought to organise a multitude of activities, we have now decided to refocus on our magazine. After all, why would we not focus on our strongest asset? (Featured Image © PhotoGraham)

After a summer lull, we are thus ready to return to the fray of international relations. We are still eager to help aspiring professionals – including students and graduates – pursue a career in this difficult, but amazing sector. So we sat together and decided on what would be the best way to achieve this.

We will do what we do best: host a qualitative online magazine with thought-provoking articles on international affairs, as well as specific career advice. By offering profound insight into this world, we hope to provide the information needed for you to explore your interests in international affairs. Our website has been revamped specifically to make this quest for information easier!

Why not take your job hunt to the next level by publishing with us? By combining the reliability of the academic method with the fluency of popular media, our writers can improve knowledge and skills that are important to a variety of fields. Those include journalism and research, but communication, advocacy and policy as well. In general, you can believe us that any employer would be more interested in a candidate that takes initiative as a volunteer, knows how to communicate, and can demonstrate their knowledge of international affairs.

Our application procedure has been revised to make things easier. Whether you apply as a contributor or wish to make a guest contribution, you are now asked to send in an article pitch. This is a writer’s description of a potential story (and why it should matter) to our Editorial Board. The pitch serves as an ideal way to gauge your ideas and interests, and allows us to jointly tackle potentially fundamental flaws in content or structure of an article early on. After all, we deliver quality, but our online magazine should serve as a learning experience for all of us.

The Career Fair in International Affairs is the sole exception to our decision to refocus on our online magazine. On a yearly basis, we will continue to organise this fair with our local partners at the University of Antwerp.

To conclude, we once again invite you to explore the world of international affairs. Send us your writer’s application or apply for another position within the IP Crew, if you are ready to advance your career in international affairs. Accept our invitation and, together, we can bridge the gap between education and employment in international affairs by transforming your passion for this field into purposeful action.

Jorn Vennekens

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