Building Partnerships in Antwerp EKA, ESN and PSW

International Perspective is proud to announce three new, local partnerships in the city of Antwerp. We like to emphasise the need to build ties with established organisations, not just to increase our own reach, but also to create mutual value. With these new partners, we believe that our actions can have more impact in Antwerp, and that we can increase the general interest in international affairs. So who are these local partners? (Featured image © Adams K.)

European Circle of Antwerp (EuropaKring Antwerpen)

The European Circle of Antwerp (EKA) is the leading student association of Antwerp that represents Europe and all of its aspects. To the students of Antwerp, EKA offers the perfect mix of partying, culture and politics. Their ambition in partnering with us is to create new opportunities to engage students, and to inform them about international and European topics, as well as the current job market possibilities. We already have a mutual desire to share international values with students, and therefore look forward to working together in multiple ways.

Erasmus Student Network Antwerp

Erasmus Student Network Antwerp (ESN) is a non-profit international student organisation. Their mission is to represent international students, thus providing opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students. ESN’s new team wishes to expand its activities to more professional and academic events, in which IP will be an essential partner. Together, we wish to facilitate a better and more dimensional exchange in Antwerp. This will be achieved with both lectures and seminars.

PSW, Political and Social Sciences

The student association PSW, which stands for Political and Social Sciences, offers students of the faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Antwerp a variety of activities. These include cultural and educational, but also sportive and entertaining initiatives. Over the last few years, PSW became one of the largest student associations of Antwerp, as their faculty grew to more than 2.000 students. They care about the future of each and every one of them, hence organising several career-oriented activities with the goal of establishing a first point of contact between students and (international) organisations. Additionally, PSW seeks to organise debates and lectures on contemporary (international) political issues. By working together, we aim to raise the quality of their debates and lectures, with the ultimate aim of enhancing the students’ experience.

All three of these partners will collaborate extensively with IP on a variety of matters, but will most importantly work together to organise more, and better events related to international affairs. We can help each other by providing advice and support in terms of event planning, reaching out to the best possible speakers, and the joint organisation of actual debates and workshops. The IP Crew hereby once again thanks EKA, ESN, and PSW for their decision to work together in supporting students in pursuit of a career in international affairs!

Are you an organisation (in Antwerp) possibly interested in a partnership or sponsorship? Be sure to look at our Partners and Sponsors page. Are you a student or graduate and do you want to join IP in its effort to create a network of partners and sponsors? Then be sure to check out our IP Ambassador vacancy.

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