Strengthening the Team, Pt. 2 IP Welcomes Michail, Pauline and Luther

International Perspective is proud to welcome three new crew members as we continue to expand our Crew. Michail, Pauline and Luther will volunteer as the new H.R. Director, Career Assistant and Media Assistant respectively. Who are they and what will they be doing?

Michail Rombouts, Human Resources Director

Michail graduated from the University of Antwerp with a Master’s degree in History, for which he reviewed the Belgian press during the wars against communism and terrorism in Vietnam and Afghanistan respectively.  Afterwards, he shifted his focus to contemporary geopolitics by researching the root causes for the support of the Assad family by the Russian Federation, and its predecessor the Soviet Union. For this he received a Master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy.

The goal of all these studies was to become a history teacher, but he eventually decided to work as a volunteer in various organizations to discover other opportunities. He eventually found a new passion in the humanitarian sector, more specifically by working with refugees. Aside from his current professional employment in the refugee sector, Michail continues to work as a volunteer for different organizations.

As IP’s Human Resources Director, Michail will be in charge of recruiting and managing IP crew members. He has already pledged to make our H.R. procedures more professional all the while continuing our personal approach.

Pauline Geentjens, Career Assistant

Pauline is currently completing her Bachelor degree of Law. She specializes in the fields of European and Competition Law. Both topics have a major international perspective. Aside from her studies she is engaged in several extra-curricular activities such as the European Circle Antwerp and the Belgian Youth Parliament.

She wrote her Bachelor Paper on the free movement of goods, more specifically e-Commerce of medical devices and its implications on the protection of Public Health. Pauline aspires to build an international career within Competition Law.

As a Career Assistant, Pauline will be working on our CVAid programme. Stay tuned for more news on this topic.

Luther Rommens, Media Assistant

Luther is a Belgian Student of history. His historical interests spread from international politics trough gender history. For now his research focus is Sexual History in the City of Antwerp. His specific interests in International politics are the diplomatic connections between the European Union, the United States and Russia.

After his Bachelor in history he will enter a master program for Political Siences. Apart from his involvement in International Perspective he runs a website about American Football and is mostly active in sports journalism.

Working with Dennis, our Media Director, Luther will be working with our social media mostly. This will likely translate into a more active Twitter account specifically!


Feeling inspired and want to join our IP Crew as well? Be sure to check our vacancies!

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