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International Perspective is a project without borders. In our efforts to reach out to students and graduates around the globe, we can now welcome our newest IP Ambassador. His name is Tunç Çatal and he will be representing us in Istanbul, Turkey! (Featured Image © Tunç Çatal)

Tunç is a student of Law at the Kadir Has University in Istanbul. He focuses on international human rights law and humanitarian law. This focus is the reason he chose law in the first place: it is the remarkable structure of international law intertwined with human rights that drives him.

His main extracurricular occupation is to attend Model United Nations conferences, during which he aims to gain understanding of the UN and global issues, including those concerning refugees and minorities. In this context, he took part in Kadir Has University Model United Nations Club’s Executive Board for a year, and he is going to be an Under Secretary General of the next conference at his university. Finally, as a law student, Tunç is planning to organise a Moot Court event, which is also based on international arbitration.

As our IP Ambassador in Istanbul, Tunç hopes to create a local network of young professionals interested in International Perspective. His enthusiasm knows no boundaries and, who knows, he may one day run his own ‘IP Embassy’ as he coined it. Indeed, Tunç is looking forward to work with other Turks to expand our presence in his country.

Feel like becoming an IP ambassador and represent our project abroad? Do not hesitate to apply!

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