Boosting Our Presence Abroad IP Welcomes Maxime, Raluca and Tasniem

A month after welcoming Daphny, International Perspective welcomes another three newcomers to the IP Crew. This time we welcome Maxime Penasse, Raluca Veliciu and Tasniem Anwar! Aside from a significant boost to our marketing team, this expansion means another boost to our presence abroad.

Maxime Penasse, Marketing Director

Maxime is a Belgian master student of History at the University of Antwerp. He researches the diplomatic relations between different cultures during the crusades. His research focuses on diplomatic relations between crusaders and Muslims. He is currently still studying history, but takes a broad interest in international affairs, and politics and security in particular.

Maxime will become IP’s new Marketing Director. Together with Jorn and the IP Ambassadors, he will take care of marketing and our contacts with potential partners and sponsors.

Raluca Veliciu, IP Ambassador in Italy

Raluca Veliciu is a student of the Bachelor in International Relations and Diplomacy at University of Trieste in Italy. Her main interests are international humanitarian law, Middle East history and Islamic sociology. She is currently researching the evolution and current success of the Hezbollah group.

Raluca became passionate about international affairs as she moved to Italy from Romania, where she was originally born. At that point, she decided that this subject would become her principal field of study. She would later on return to Romania for an Erasmus programme. Because of her work as a volunteer for the Red Cross, she focused on international humanitarian law in particular. Aside from her Studies, Raluca is also engaged in many other activities, such as simulations (MUN, Model NATO, …) and voluntary work such as the League of Romanian Students Abroad.

Raluca will become IP’s Ambassador in Italy. Working together with Maxime, she will help us reach Italian students and graduates, while also looking for potential partners and sponsors.

Tasniem Anwar, IP Ambassador in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Tasniem Anwar is a Dutch student of the master in Law and Politics of International Security, and previously studied the master Conflict Resolution and Governance. She chose to study international politics, law and conflict with a desire to understand global systems of inequality.

The main focus of her (academic) interests in international affairs has always been conflicts in the Middle-East. This has led her to get involved with different student networks organising projects in this region. In all her internships and projects, she hopes to create bridges between the Western world and the Middle East, and to create better, mutual understanding. After her studies, Tasniem hopes to conduct research in the Middle East on different topics related to social justice and political change.

Tasniem will become Ambassador to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where she will be working closer with our other Ambassador there, Daphny Roggeveen. With a team of two, we are certain to reach out to a large audience of Dutch students and Graduates.

If you want to know more about our team, please check the IP Crew page. Feel like joining IP yourself, perhaps as an Ambassador? Then check out our Join page and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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