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International Perspective is going international! We welcome Daphny as our very first IP Ambassador abroad, representing IP in the Netherlands. To be fair, we already had some Dutch members on our team, but Daphny will be operating in the Netherlands itself. She will represent IP in Amsterdam specifically. Now, who is Daphny? (Featured Image © Daphny Roggeveen)

Instead of giving you a biography, which you can find on the Our Crew page, we will tell you about our first impression during the application interview. First of all – Daphny Roggeveen is a very engaged student of Law and Politics of International Security. She spoke very enthusiastic about international affairs and her past studies, extracurricular activities, and internship (in Uganda) further stress that she has an absolute passion for international affairs.

More importantly, Daphny is very eager to help promote International Perspective with other students and graduates. She believes in the future of IP as a solid platform of support for those pursuing a career in international affairs – a trait we are more than happy to welcome! Given her social capabilities, we fully trust her to properly represent IP in the Netherlands.

Daphny will represent IP with all sorts of organisations in Amsterdam and some possibly on a national level. These include universities and colleges, but NGOs, think tanks and other possible partners or sponsors will also be contacted.

Would you like to become an IP Ambassador yourself? Feel free to apply!

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