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International Perspective has returned and we can now proudly unveil our redesigned website. As you scroll through our fancy webpages, you should also notice that in fact more than just our design has changed. We present to you, the revamped International Perspective(Featured image © Tom Page)

IP supports the personal development of students and graduates in their pursuit of a career in international affairs. Students and graduates should explore the world of international affairs and discover their own potential within this field of study. This is not only desirable, but also necessary if you are looking for an international career.

For this purpose, we believe in a comprehensive view on career preparation, in which education, professional experience, and side activities are equally important to commence any type of career. Both during and after their studies, our assistance can help transform upcoming professionals’ passion into action. We want to stress our global mindset: we are based in Antwerp, Belgium, but welcome students and graduates from around the world. Through cross-border interaction, we aim to attain a truly international perspective.

It is a significant expansion of our previous mission statement, but we believe that it was a necessary one.  More than ever are we determined to stimulate young professionals to improve themselves and to help them persuade potential employers of their capabilities. So what do we offer you precisely?

Our magazine saw a change of policy: the possession of a bachelor’s degree is no longer a requirement to become a contributor. Additionally, anyone can now submit a guest contribution. These changes should convince more students and graduates that publishing with us is an ideal way to improve yourself.

The online magazine remains at the centerpiece of our organisation, but it is no longer our sole activity. IP will also organise events, including debates, workshops and networking events. We are currently planning our first activity, so keep an eye on our website for more information. Additionally, we will provide you with an overview of external events on our website. Check our calendar if you are looking for publically accessible activities on international affairs.

CVAid is possibly our most ambitious project. This guide will offer information on how to improve skills and knowledge relevant to the resume of young professionals. It is currently in development and we aim to launch a first version by September 2016.

Last but not least, why not join the IP Crew? Crew members of International Perspective jointly plan and execute the activities of our association. Students and graduates can join us on a voluntary basis to learn specific organisational skills while enhancing their teamwork capabilities. Our crew has seen a significant expansion, but we are still looking for colleagues to achieve our goals. Check our list of vacancies for more information.

If you have any further questions or possible suggestions, feel free to contact us!

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