The Future of IP And Our First Media Appearance

Last week on thursday, International Perspective made its first media appearance. Interviewed by Antwerp student magazine Dwars, Chief Editor Jorn Vennekens spoke about the origins, beliefs and future of our own magazine. Here is a short overview of what was said. (Featured Image © PhotoGraham)

How It Began

The idea of International Perspective started as a typical student enterprise: while at a bar with three friends, Jorn raised the idea of starting a blog on international affairs. Due to unversity tasks and tests, the idea was put aside – but not forgotten. Instead, it continued to grow and took root again a couple of months later. In the summer of 2015, IP (then dubbed Project Calliope) would have a team working towards a full-blown magazine. The name ‘blog’ was dropped as we sought to deliver more: thorough research would be at the core of our articles.

Professors De Bièvre and Sauer of the University of Antwerp were both enthousiastic about our project. They both enjoyed how the University had succeeded in inspiring students to take action themselves. IP serves as the perfect platform to voice opinions of the young and talented. As a consequence, the University now sponsors our magazine.

Future Plans

Building a project like IP comes with a lot of challenges. First and foremost is the challenge of properly staffing our team – students and graduates in their early twenties are constantly busy with their studies or hunting for a job. Nonetheless, several writers and board members have engaged themselves to give their very best for the magazine. Do you want to join our promising project? Then definitely vist our How to Join page.

Jorn also explained in Dwars that IP is planning to host a database on jobs, internships and courses found in Belgium, Europe and the broader world. Such an overview has not been published anywhere and we believe that it can serve as a bridge between the academic and the professional world. In the near future, an official job vacancy will be published for those that wish to help with this database. If you are bold and wish to apply already – don’t hesitate to contact us! Depending on the speed of recruitment, we aim to publish this database by the second half of 2015.

The original Dutch article can be found here. We would like to extend our gratitude to Dwars and their reporter Quinten Van den Broeck for publishing the interview!

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