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Today, I am very proud to announce to you the birth of International Perspective (IP). This online magazine, or ezine, was designed by a group of graduates and graduate students engaged in international affairs. We believe that there is the need for a platform that allows young and upcoming professionals to write on the topics they consider important to modern day society. (Featured Image © Kenneth Lu)

Explore the world of international affairs” is, however, not just our own slogan. It is also an explicit encouragement to you. An invitation to join us, whatever your background may be, in discovering the many aspects (or perspectives) of the international scene. We at IP are merely here to offer you the foundation on which you can build further by yourself. While we offer you such information, we ultimately hope to inspire you to debate on the topics you read about. Engage with us and engage with each other. It is only by doing so, that you will discover that there are a multitude of views on how to interpret each and every topic. You cannot say you have explored the real world by solely walking along the meridian either, can you? Therefore, we invite the novices and the experts, the scholars and the enthusiasts, anyone curious about international affairs, to become a part of the experience IP has to offer.

We aim to provide new content to our online magazine every couple of days. Currently published in our online magazine are three so called ‘Insights’. These are our main articles and combine the rigid method behind academic articles with the fluency of popular news articles. As such, we can currently offer you perspectives on three topics from across the globe: the impending crisis in Ecuador, the influence of tribalism in the Middle East and the difficult relations between three states in North East Asia. In coming articles, we aspire to not only diversify further along geographical lines, but also offer you thematic variations ranging from law over economy to environment.

Aside from these Insights, we will also publish opinion pieces or ‘Impressions’. Looking for advice on where to travel or even what internship or job would suit you? Then our personal ‘Source‘ articles will be your favourites. In this category, we already provide you with information on the European Voluntary Service. Finally, with our ‘Dossiers’ we primarily want to allow students and graduates to publish a “light” version of their dissertation or other papers with us. Check our call for papers to learn more.

Our separate Information Hub offers additional information that allows you to increase your knowledge on your own. Currently, we have commenced an Interesting Links section, which may guide you in exploring the vast amount of websites on international affairs.

We would like to offer fellow graduate students and graduates a chance to write with us. Not only would you aid us in our efforts to inform and inspire, you will also be given a chance to interest potential employers. By writing in English on a professional platform, IP might just be that extra asset you need in order to improve your skills and prove your strength at a job interview. For those that want to support us in another way, organisational positions are available as well. Simply check out how to join IP and you might be a part of our team soon. Are you an interested sponsor or partner? Then you should read how to establish relations with us.

What I explained here, are all of the current aspects of our online magazine. As I write this article, other projects and ideas are already being discussed. With these tools, we hope to ultimately help you discover the many perspectives of international affairs. Dare to explore not only the meridian of things, but also travel across the rest of the globe with International Perspective. During this journey, we hope that we may inform, inspire and interest you, but above all, we hope that you will simply enjoy your time with us.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

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Jorn Vennekens
Jorn is a Belgian graduate of History and International Relations & Diplomacy. He focuses on the Middle East, international security and foreign policy analysis.

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