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Our Partners and Sponsors

Partners and Sponsors are key to furthering our goals. We need your support to improve and expand the ways in which we help students and graduates.

Partners cooperate with IP to achieve specific, common objectives. These can include reciprocal publicity, the publication or sharing of articles, and the organisation of events or career projects.

Sponsors support IP as a good cause or in exchange for advertisement. This support can be financial or material, or any other form that is beneficial to our organisation, members or audience.

We look for partners and sponsors that hold true to goals and means similar to ours. They can be, among others, student or graduate associations, educational institutions, career agencies, newspapers and magazines, NGO’s and public or international organisations. We aim to work with organisations that are active on a regional, national or international scale, but are open to limited partnerships with local organisations as well. IP does not collaborate with or accept sponsorship from political parties.

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Main Partners and Sponsors

Local Partners in Antwerp (Belgium)