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Our Crew: Organisation

Jorn Vennekens
Jorn VennekensPresident and Chief Editor

Jorn is a Belgian graduate of History and International Relations & Diplomacy. He focuses on the Middle East, international security and foreign policy analysis. (Read More)

Jan-Hendrik van Sligtenhorst
Jan-Hendrik van SligtenhorstVice-President and Chief Editor

Jan-Hendrik is a Dutch graduate of European Studies, Russian & Eurasian Studies, and International Relations. He focuses on Russia, Eurasia, geopolitics, and human rights. (Read More)

Ruben Peeters
Ruben PeetersVice-President of Finance and Editor

Ruben is a Belgian PhD candidate of financial history. He focuses on geopolitics, history, economy and trade, and is passionate about Ecuador, Singapore and the US. (Read More)

Myriam Vanvinckenroye
Myriam VanvinckenroyeVice-President and Guest Contributor

Myriam is a Belgian graduate of International Relations and Diplomacy. She focuses on development and the African continent. (Read More)

Marleen Van der Straten
Marleen Van der StratenEvent Director

Marleen is a Belgian student of General Economy and a graduate of International Politics. She is interested in global governance, international relations, economics, and institutions. (Read More)

Maarten Vanden Heede
Maarten Vanden HeedeMarketing Director

Maarten is a Belgian graduate of Law, and International Relations & Diplomacy. His main interests are international law and security, geopolitics, and European law and politics. (Read More)

Dennis Van de Weerd
Dennis Van de WeerdCommunication Assistant

Dennis is a Belgian graduate of History. He is mainly interested in European politics, diplomacy and institutions. (Read More)

Jeroen Monten
Jeroen MontenLegal Advisor


Jeroen is a Belgian student of Civil and Tort law, and a graduate of History and Law. His main interests are the international perspectives of medical and food law. (Read More)