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Our Crew: Alumni

Raphaelle Mattart
Raphaelle MattartIP Ambassador in Liège (Past)
Heleen Van Hecke
Heleen Van HeckeAssistant Editor (Past)
Anne-Katrien Frans
Anne-Katrien FransMarketing Assistant and Guest Contributor (Past)
Michail Rombouts
Michail RomboutsHuman Resources Director (Past)
Pauline Geentjens
Pauline GeentjensCareerAid Assistant and Legal Advisor (Past)
Luther Rommens
Luther RommensMedia Assistant (Past)
Tunç Çatal
Tunç ÇatalIP Ambassador in Turkey (Past)
Raluca Veliciu
Raluca VeliciuMarketing Assistant (Past)
Ward Rabaey
Ward RabaeyEvent Director and Contributor (Past)
Kristoff Wharton
Kristoff WhartonChief Editor (Past)
Michelle Boonen
Michelle BoonenIP Ambassador in Antwerp (Past)
Maxime Penasse
Maxime PenasseMarketing Director (Past)
Floor Doppen
Floor DoppenCareer Advisor (Past)
Céline Delodder
Céline DelodderEditor and Media Director (Past)
Zeger Verleye
Zeger VerleyeChief Editor (Past)