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Jorn Vennekens
Jorn VennekensPresident and Chief Editor

Jorn is a Belgian graduate of History and International Relations & Diplomacy. He focuses on the Middle East, international security and foreign policy analysis. (Read More)

Jan-Hendrik van Sligtenhorst
Jan-Hendrik van SligtenhorstVice-President and Chief Editor

Jan-Hendrik is a Dutch graduate of European Studies, Russian & Eurasian Studies, and International Relations. He focuses on Russia, Eurasia, geopolitics, and human rights. (Read More)

Ruben Peeters
Ruben PeetersVice-President of Finance and Editor

Ruben is a Belgian PhD candidate of financial history. He focuses on geopolitics, history, economy and trade, and is passionate about Ecuador, Singapore and the US. (Read More)

Ken Demol
Ken DemolEditor

Ken is a Belgian student of Political Communication and Journalism. He focuses mainly on the Middle East, migration, and media across the world. (Read More)

Naomi Vleugels
Naomi VleugelsContributor

Naomi is a Belgian graduate of Political Science and History. Her main interests are peace, conflict and development, and international organisations, with a focus on Africa. (Read More)

Daphny Roggeveen
Daphny RoggeveenGuest Contributor
Myriam Vanvinckenroye
Myriam VanvinckenroyeVice-President and Guest Contributor
Pieter-Jan Dockx
Pieter-Jan DockxGuest Contributor
Hans Maes
Hans MaesGuest Contributor
Claudia Dominicus
Claudia DominicusGuest Contributor
Alessandro Fiorellini
Alessandro FiorelliniGuest Contributor
Josien Jense
Josien JenseGuest Contributor
Joachim Leclair
Joachim LeclairGuest Contributor
Daan Geysen
Daan GeysenGuest Contributor
Michalina Nadolna
Michalina NadolnaGuest Contributor
Tia Cormon
Tia CormonGuest Contributor