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About International Perspective

International Perspective (IP) is the online magazine for aspiring professionals in international affairs. We publish thought-provoking articles on current or otherwise unknown topics in international affairs, as well as specific career advice. By combining the reliability of the academic method with the fluency of popular media, our writers can improve knowledge and skills that are important to a variety of fields, including research, journalism, advocacy and communication. With the refreshing insights that ensue, writers can demonstrate their relevance by fostering debate with a broad audience of both aspiring and seasoned professionals.

Together with our partners in Antwerp, Belgium, we also organise the Career Fair in International Affairs on a yearly basis. We host several information booths, a resume corner and a series of short speaker sessions. Aspiring professionals hence have a chance to gain information from international organisations, receive advice on how to improve their resume and engage with young, in-field professionals.

Finally, we welcome aspiring professionals to join the IP Crew. Our crew members work together on a variety of activities and have the opportunity to develop new projects. While they volunteer for our professional association, our Crew Members can learn specific organisational skills and enhance their teamwork capabilities in an international context. Want to join us? Check out our vacancies!